Needed Subjects

What Do We Look for in a Photo?

Although every client has unique needs, good photography transcends them all

Looking at our sister website,, we can clearly see which images are the most popular. It’s also possible to see what these photos have in common that have helped them to sell more than others. Here are some tips, based on our research!

It is always difficult to tell what our clients want but there are a couple of standard rules that might help you how to takes your photos and what to shoot.

Authentic Photography is Trending

Essentially, authentic photography is the opposite of posed photography. This style focuses on natural and realistic models, capturing a snapshot of a specific moment in time as it happened.

Avoid Visible Brands

Many images are purchased for commercial purposes—typically for an advertisement. A photograph with another brand or logo in it might look good, but it will automatically be disqualified from selection. When shooting, take care to keep logos and other brand imagery out of your photo.

Be Real

Photography is at its best when it captures real emotions and the essence of a moment. Many customers are seeking a realistic photo that does just that—and it can be incredibly simple to do.

Sign a Model Release

Model releases are vital for photos being sold commercially: if anyone in your image is recognizable, you will need to get the model to agree with you that the image can be sold commercially for promotion or advertising.

Create Useful Photographs

People buying images have a very specific idea in mind. Being able to put yourself in their shoes and think of images that they would like is a fantastic skill—capturing what they want, blind, can be difficult… but well worth it.

For example, take a look at this image:

This image would be perfect for a car insurance company advertisement. Not only is it thematic, the huge open space feels like the freedom a car offers, while offers plenty of room for the other elements in the ad: logos, text and more.

Specific Subjects That We Need—Take A Shot!

We don’t always have the right images for our clients—and this list is where you can help to fill in the gaps. Next time you go out on a photoshoot, see if you can create any of the following:

  • A man, woman or child behind a bunch of flowers. Consider the many different poses and stories you can add here: a covered face, beautiful, colourful flowers, a special meaning behind the flowers (e.g. Mother’s Day, a birthday).
  • A parent running late on the school run. Stressed, full of energy and darting towards the entrance of the school.
  • Businesswoman cycling through the streets
  • Shopping in the supermarket with children—fresh fruit and vegetables create a rich background, as the parent shops with their child checking the quality of the produce
  • A child and their plush bear sitting on a couch, looking out the window together, as if waiting for something